The History of Cynllun Efe

Cynllun Efe (His Plan) was established in order to present the message of the gospel of Jesus Christ to young people in the villages in and around Llanberis – the area is known locally as “Bro’r Eco” (named after the local paper (Eco’r Wyddfa).  Our hope and desire is to see young people come to experience the fulness of life that comes from knowing the Lord Jesus Christ.

Cynllun Efe is an inter-denominational Trust which is supported and financed by local churches and chapels of different denominations, the main Christian denominations of Wales as well as various other Movements and Trusts.  Since October 2008, Andrew Settatree has been employed as Efe’s full-time Christian Youth Worker.

The appointment of Andrew is the fruit of much positive co-operation between churches and key individuals in the local area.  The Rev. Dafydd Hughes originally had the vision of calling together representatives of different local churches to discuss the possibility of employing a full-time Christian Youth Worker for the whole area. Under his able leadership, an effective and enthusiastic committee was set up that got on with the task of realising the vision of creating, financing and now filling the position of Youth Worker.

The contribution of all the members of the committee is greatly valued, especially the considerable efforts of the Secretary Susan Williams, the Treasurer Colin Jones and the Clerk Clive James.  From the outset the committee meetings were a place of much prayer and discussion, with the aim of employing a full-time Christian Worker always at the forefront of everything discussed.  Through the coming together of this committee, many lasting friendships were made in the local work of the Kingdom.

Generous financial support was received for this new position, and a big thanks is given to everyone who has contributed to the work, especially Pantyfedwen Trust, The Presbyterian Church of Wales, The Church in Wales, Independents, Baptists and Urban Saints.  Donations were also received from locally from individuals and churches, community councils, as well as many funds, trusts and movements.  We are very grateful for every donation reveived.

 Andrew has now been with us for three years.  The initial period of three years came to an end at the end of September 2011, but we rejoice that we have been able to invite Andrew to continue in his job for at least another year, in the hope that he will be able to continue beyond that.  We look forward to working with him more in the near future.   Please pray for Andrew, but not just for him – please pray for Ministers and members of local churches that will be working with him through Cynllun Efe to present the Lord Jesus Christ to children and young people in this area.

In January 2012, Cynllun Efe became an Associate Trust of Scripture Union Wales.  We look forward to working with a Movement which by now is a very old hand in the field of youth and children’s work, and we therefore expect to greatly profit from their rich experience in this area.