“MOLI” is Capel Coch’s monthly alternative service.  It comes from the welsh acronym “Mwy O Le i Iesu” (More Space for Jesus).  In this service we try and do things a little differently to the normal traditional service.  The aim of the service is ,as the name suggests, to make more space for Jesus in our lives today, to become more like him so that we can share him with those who do not yet know him.  We aim to do this through worship and opening the word.  The way we do this however varies – we use modern worship songs (as well as traditional hymns), viseos, sketches, dramatic readings and many other means.

This service has a particular emphasis on being accesible to young people, though it is aimed so that all ages can come together, as the church is for all ages not just for one age group.

The Service typically starts at 5.00pm (instead of 5.30pm as is normal for evening services) and i usually over by about 5.45pm.  There is usually time for a cup of tea and a chat after the service – we see this as an essential element of the service as we believe that the church is the community of God’s people and it is good and healthy to mix with brothers and sisters in the faith as often as possible.   This service is open also to those who attend chapels that do not normally hold evening services, as well as those who have never set foot in a chapel or church before!

We have decided to hold these meetings twice a month from now on in response to demand from the young people.  MOLI will therefore now be held on the second and fourth Sunday of every month.  In order to distinguish this new MOLI service we will call it ‘MOLI 2’.  We will be going through John’s letters this year.

Dates for MOLI – Autumn 2012

October 13th

October 27th

November 10th

November 24th

December 8th

December 22nd