Sunday School Cup

A fantastic evening was had by all on Friday evening, 29th June in the Sunday School Cup organized by Cynllun Efe on the playing fields of Llanrug Primary School.  This was a 5-a-side football tournament for children in years 3-6 (both girls and boys) who attend local Sunday schools or Christian youth clubs.  Eight teams in all took part representing Cwm-y-Glo, Waunfawr, Llanberis and Llanrug.  Some children were taking part for the first time, while others were old hands having taken part in the inaugural tournament last year.

The teams were divided into two groups of 4, with the games being played on two parallel pitches.  Each team was competing in the name of one of the countries that took part in Euro 2012 (apart from Wales)!  And it has to be said that this tournament ran just as professionally as the Euros, with the games on the two pitches starting and finishing at exactly the same time, and that is thanks to the children and their managers.  It was great to see some who though being too old to compete (as they were in Year 7) helping to organize and coach teams of their own.

’50’50’ ball

Steff Morris, who is a Youth and Childrens worker for Coleg Y Bala, kindly joined with us for the evening to share a message with the children.  And that was done during the half-time interval.  And here is a word of advice that could be of benefit to anyone else thinking of organizing a similar evening: we knew that each team would play at least three games in their groups, and so the talk took place after each team had completed two of their games, ensuring that the children would stay around to hear the gospel.  For us that happened to be exactly half-way through the evening.

During the interval, therefore, everybody had crisps and a drink while Steff shared with the children the thrill he experienced at being selected to represent Wales in Rugby League.  He then went on to re-tell the story of how Zacheus, the tax-collector was chosen to be part of Jesus’ team in spite of all the wrong things he had done, and the way in which he was completely transformed after meeting with Jesus.  He concluded by encouraging the children to be part of Jesus’ team, as it is the most exciting team to be part of ever!

Did the ball cross the line?

Many thanks go to Andrew Settatree for organizing the evening.  He was present all evening in the middle of the park keeping a record of all the results – on his crutches!  He broke a bone in his foot while playing 5-a-side football himself back in June, though a fortnight went by before he realized that the bone had in fact been broken!

The tournament was closely contested all evening with the eventual finalists, appropriately enough being the same as those who reached the final of Euro 2012, Spain and Italy.  But unlike that which transpired in Ukraine, Italy (Llanberis Sunday School) ran out 2-1 winners against Spain (Llanrug Sunday School). Interestingly enough this was a replay of last years final, though in that game Llanrug were the victors by 2-0.

Steff Morris presented the trophy and medals to the winners and runners up.  The medal for ‘player of the tournament’ was presented to Cian Gibbard from Llanrug, while the fair play awards went to Guto Whiteside and Elain Ellis, also from Llanrug.

Grateful thanks also go to our referees, Rodney Collins, Dafydd Pritchard, Steffan Morris and Gwilym Jeffs, who accompanied Steff from Bala.  Special thanks to Steff for his talk and to Mr Robin Williams, Headmaster of Llanrug Primary School, for once again so generously allowing us to have use of his school’s facilities.

The next activities on the horizon are the ten-pin bowling night at the end of term as well as the Holiday Bible Club in Llanrug in the first week of the summer holidays.

Sunday School Cup Results

Group 1:


Group 2:



Group 1 matches 1:

Germany 0 – 4 Wales
France 1 – 7 Spain
Germany 1 – 5 France
Wales 0 – 2 Spain
Germany 0 – 7 Spain
France 4 – 4 Wales

P    W    L    D    GD    Pts

Spain                       3     3     0    0    +15     9

Wales                      3      1     1     1     +2      4

France                    3      1      1     1     -2      4

Germany                   3      0     3     0    -15    0


Gemau grwp 2:

Italy 12 – 2 Portugal
Ireland 5 – 0 Holland
Italy 6 – 0 Ireland
Portugal 0 – 2 Holland
Italy 8 – 0 Holland
Ireland 6 – 0 Portugal

P    W    L    D    GD    Pts

Italy                         3     3     0    0    +24     9

Ireland                 3     2     1     1     +5       6

Holland              3      1      2     0    -11     3

Portugal                 3      0     3     0    -18    0



Spain 0 – 1 Italy

Wales 2 – 0 Ireland

Final :

Italy 1 – 0 Wales

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