Sunday School Cup Report

photo 1

The Co-Champions – Capel Cysegr and Capel Salem.

The ‘Sunday School Cup’ was held once again this year on Thursday 25th June on Llanrug Primary School playing field.  This was the fifth time that the tournament was held, and the largest ever, with 14 teams coming to compete, enjoy and hear the good news.  If the tournament grows much more than this, it will need to be held over three weeks like the World Cup!

It was great to welcome teams from local sunday schools including Capel Coch (Llanberis), Capel y Rhos (Llanrug), Capel Cysegr (Bethel), Capel Bosra (Penisa’r-waun), Eglwys Y Waun (Waunfawr), Capel Salem (Caernarfon), Eglwys Noddfa (Caernarfon), Capel Bethania (Y Felinheli) as well as the Llanrug Lions.

As 14 teams had come, the format was little bit different than usual, with two groups of 4 teams and one group of 5 competing for the four semi-final places.  The top team in each group went through, joined by the second best team of the three groups.  Capel Cysegr, Capel Salem, Capel y Rhos and ‘Banterlona’ (Eglwys Y Waun) succeeded in reaching the semi-finals, with Capel Cysegr and Capel Salem facing each other in the final.  For the first time ever, it was not possible to separate the two teams in normal or extra time, therefore it was decided that they would share the trophy.  This was the first time that Capel Salem had won the Cup, and the second year running for Cape Cysegr, therefore it was record-breaking evening all round!

photo 1

Ashley – winner of the FairPlay Award

Congratulations to both of them as well as everyone else who took part.  Congratulations also to Ashley from Eglwys Noddfa for winning the FairPlay Award.

There was break half-way through the evening where Andrew gave a talk on the theme of the value of football players like Gareth Bale (85 million) and Cristiano Ronaldo (80 million) and how we are all priceless to God, so much so that he paid the highest possible price, namely surrendering his own life for us in the Lord Jesus Christ.  Thank you to everyone for listening so well.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to another special evening, but of course primarily to the Lord for all of his faithfulness to us.


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